The Self- proclaimed Intermediate Cook

The Artist in My Kitchen. Somehow, I've become an expert in my own way.

This food blog is compose Filipino dishes that are introduced through easy recipes. I decided to put up this blog not just because I love food, but because I saw the fun, beauty and  the value of going on food adventures, educating myself and discovering the unusual within and beyond the walls of my kitchen. Coming from a traditional family where the wife gets to stay at home, I learned a lot not only from my mom but also from my grandmother and my great grandma. My mother's side are Kapampangans. And I proudly represent the country's culinary capital.

Coming from a clan who loves to cook, eversince I was a kid, I was already exposed in the kitchen.  The first person who taught me how to cook was my mother. My grandmother is also my mentor. They both make me stand on a high chair so I can see what they're cooking. They explain to me the how tos, the  purpose of each ingredient and even the method of cooking. Kapampangans have their own way on enhancing the flavor for each viand. Of course,  the traditional and natural approach when it comes to food preparation.

This Food Blog.
This food blog is the place to be when it comes to making various food discoveries and successful food experimentations .

I love exploring places just to feed my palate with something new and different. And I am not talking about expensive restaurants. I know just around the corner of a nearby town, for sure, they have something to offer.

This food blog was created to share my food moments with my family. You know the feeling as if  everything was all set perfectly for you? With the food we all love to eat on the table, your loved ones surrounding you... basically it's cherishing the moment with the people I love mixing it with our favorite food.

Easy Recipes. Honestly, I still rely on the internet or cook books and magazines if I want to cook a viand which I don't have knowledge of. But most findings are complicated to prepare.

On Food Photography. I'm not into it as much anymore. The important thing for me right now is to be able to produce clear images of  the food, regardless of what photo instrument was used.

I'm No Writer At All.

Before, we write on small notebooks and we keep it to ourselves. Now, it's the other way around. As much as possible we want people to read our articles and the most important of all, we want to reach out and know their comments,  wait for suggestions and being aware of other people's thoughts is an opportunity for me to grow and improve as a person and as a blogger.

I want to be known as an inspiration not an influential factor in the blogosphere. I don't share my thoughts for the purpose of changing a reader's point of view, I don't insist that my posts are all right and surely, I am not here to impress people.

I share what's inside my mind as if I am talking to somebody. In person, I've been an open book and blogging has been my favorite outlet on pouring both my thoughts and feelings. It is an amazing form of self-expression.
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