Thursday, May 4, 2017

From Canned Fish to Glammed

As a homemaker, one of the things that is so important to me is to serve good, healthy food all the time.  But it doesn't often go our way right? There will be times when we want to rest so we buy food to go or we open a can or two.

Let me focus on how to make processed food more inviting to eat, particularly canned products. Personally, I love packing on sardines, Spanish- style sardines to be exact. My kids love it and I serve it for breakfast paired with hot rice.

I always assume that anything processed outside my kitchen is a risk. Though canned products follow a certain standard when it comes to preparing down to canning, still, just the idea that I don't see how they prepare these products makes me more meticulous. In order to meet the thought of making sure that what I serve my family is okay, I cook these canned products like any dish made from scratch. Believe me, it will taste better and somewhat being able to create your own out of some random sardine can is fun.

I brought life to this canned Spanish- style sardines by:
  • Sauteing minced ginger, freshly- pressed garlic, red tomatoes and onions in olive oil. 
  • Let it cook for a few seconds until the juice from the tomatoes comes out.
  • Drain half of the oil from the canned sardines. Best to replace that oil with olive oil.
  • Pour the sardines with the sauteed ingredients and mix everything well.
  • Add black pepper and simmer for a few seconds.
  • Serve!
I also use this very same dish for pasta drizzled with Parmesan cheese.
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