Thursday, May 26, 2016

Homemade Ice Cream

In connection with my new KitchenAid Stand Mixer, I got a free KitchenAid Ice Cream maker worth 8,000php. I think I got a pretty good deal in terms of getting freebies from KitchenAid for every KitchenAid mixer.

Here's one of the best things I made from my kitchen--- Ice Cream!

KitchenAid made everything easy with their KitchenAid Mixer, you can basically connect any KitchenAid attachment using the very same machine and that includes an ice cream maker. Again, I never thought that I'll be making ice cream on a regular basis at home. A lot of ice cream recipes are featured online and you can watch demos on Youtube as well. Being a chocoholic, of course, Chocolate Ice Cream was first in my list to try.

In order to achieve a good result, I watched demos online on how to attach and use the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker first. I suggest you do the same. After securing myself of the how tos of the machine, I immediately searched for ice cream recipes with actual demo using the featured KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker.
With a good equipment at hand, making ice cream was easy. The KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker is just right for the size, it's not too big or bulky. To describe, it's a bit smaller than a 5qt. mixing bowl.
My children are always excited... I mean, isn't it fun just to have the thought that we can make ice cream anytime? Experiment with flavors and ice cream container sizes. We can go unlimited even. The last thing I enjoyed making with my children was a banana split using homemade ice cream. 

Fresh bananas, rich chocolate ice cream, oozing whipped cream and dark chocolate ganache, nuts and caramel to top... who can say no to that!

Three Lifestyle Changes That Can Optimize Your Daily Living

If you want to live an incredible life, remember that you will not obtain this outcome in a magical fashion. Rather, people develop amazing lifestyles by consistently implementing strategies that take their level of living from good to great. You can get on the road to optimized living now by utilizing some or all of the behavioral changes outlined below:

1. Optimize Your Home.

If you're not in the habit of systematically updating your living space so it is aesthetically appealing and functional as possible, now is the time to make this behavioral change. Doing so is important because optimizing living space promotes an enhanced mood and general sense of well-being. There are many ways that you can get the home optimization process underway, and one is by hiring a renovation contractor to remodel a room in your house. You can obtain a listing of contractors in your local area by visiting the Renovation Experts website at

2. Implement An Exercise Program

Another lifestyle optimization strategy you should employ is the implementation of an exercise program. This technique will enable you to reap several health benefits, some of which include enhanced immunity, better mood, improved self-confidence, and a speedier metabolism. If you don't know a lot about how to exercise properly, you may want to hire a personal trainer. You may also want to consider joining your local gym. There are several different types of exercise you may want to engage in, including:

-jump rope

Remember to select a form of physical activity you enjoy to increase the likelihood that you'll stick with your exercise program.

3. Enhance Your Eating Habits.

One final life optimization techniques that can take your daily existence from average to incredible is enhancing your eating habits. Doing so can enable you to look and feel better, thereby optimizing your self-confidence and giving you the energy necessary to perform your best at work and/or school. There are several ways that you can get on the road to optimized eating, and one is by logging in your daily food intake through This site enables you to critically analyze your daily eating habits so you can tweak and optimize your food routine.


If you want to lead an incredible life, you need to make the behavioral changes necessary to see the positive lifestyle changes that generate ever-increasing levels of happiness and productivity. Get on the road to optimized living now by implementing some or all of the helpful tips and tricks outlined above.

Make Your Living Space Your Own

You love your home and you wouldn't trade it for anyplace else in the world. You might have some changes you want to make or some features that you really admire in other homes. That doesn't mean you have to contact a real estate agent to get what you want. You can transform your living space into exactly what you want with a home renovation project. Whether you have outgrown your existing space and need to put on a new room or you want the bathroom of your dreams, the possibilities are endless. You simply need to think about where you want to begin.

Think about what you want out of your home. You may want to freshen up your kitchen or put a deck on the back. Maybe it's time to take that unused spare room and turn it into a home office. Make a wish list of improvements for your home. The next step is to consider your budget. You may not be able to do everything at once. If you must be choosy, think about the changes that you want to see the most. You can always take on other improvements in the future.

Find the Right Person to Do the Job

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is trying to do their own remodeling jobs. Even if you, your friends, or your family actually know what to do, time is always a factor. You want someone who can be completely dedicated to completing your project in a reasonable time frame. When you turn to people you know or family members, you may run into trouble. Your best bet is to find a contractor who is a good fit for your home improvement plans.

Cut Down on Your Options

There are so many contractors out there. It can feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. To make the process easier, you can get a contractor near you now  by turning to Renovation Experts. A large network of participating contractors is at the ready. All you need to do is complete an online form. Include your location, what kind of job you have in mind, and what your budget is. Contractors in your region will be in touch, offering you free quotes. From that point, you can narrow down the list, meet with candidates for the job, and make your decision. You'll be on the way to improving your home sweet home.