Saturday, April 2, 2016

Three Fun Food Businesses You Can Start from Home

Food Network is one of the most popular television stations in the United States today. Even if you don't watch that network, you might come across shows like Hell's Kitchen or Top Chef that show professional and amateur chefs competing for big prizes. If you keep watching those shows and thinking about how you could make better dishes, now might be the right time to start your own food business. There are some great business ideas that require a small investment upfront and help you make big money.

Create a Brand

Creating a brand around your food is a great way to make some extra cash, especially if you have a few recipes that others love. No matter where you live, the odds are good that there are flea markets and farmers markets that have space available for sellers like you. You can sell products that your customers can use at home, including spaghetti sauce or salsa, but you can also sell prepared items that they can eat while wandering around the market like pulled pork sandwiches or cupcakes. Check with your state regarding the rules you need to follow to sell food products made at home.

Become a Cart Seller

You can also make money setting up a food cart in your city or at special events like car shows. Some owners of food carts even go directly to local businesses and sell food to employees on their lunch breaks. With ice cream carts, you can purchase packages or ice cream or make your own ice cream and sell cones and dishes to customers. Other carts let you sell hot dogs, sandwiches and other foods. Unlike food trucks that are often large and bulky, food carts are easier to handle.

Develop Your Own Blog

If you love the idea of starting a food business but have limited funds and time, you can create your own blog. Take clear photos of all the dishes that you prepare at home, post those photos on your blog and give detailed instructions on how readers can whip up those dishes themselves. Once your blog becomes more successful, you can reach out to advertisers, sell products through affiliate programs and even sell e-books that feature some of your top recipes. No matter how much time, money or even experience you have, you can find a food business right for you.
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