Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My First Dinner Rolls

 It took quite sometime to be able to share something again because the whole summer I was so busy fixing our new home. Summer of 2015 was scorching hot that my husband and I had to lay off some plans for the condo and go for a new air- conditioner instead. Next, I decided to ditch my old desktop and start anew with a laptop. Everything you'll read and see on both my blogs are the latest events in my life.  

For this entry, I would like to share with everybody that I've finally tried to put my hands on making fresh bread from scratch. It was just all about creating something new aside from my usual pastries, then my husband encouraged me, why not try a simple bread recipe and see what happens from there. So the next thing I did was to go online to search for easy recipes. I found a few, but I went back to Laura Vitale's recipe which I found easy and more flexible. I've been an avid Laura In The Kitchen follower. She makes the most amazing dishes and desserts. It's amazing because she sticks with easy recipes and the results has always been superb. You can visit her website and simply go to search for recipes. (this is not a paid ad)

In the previous posts I've mentioned that making  bread is nothing new. My mom used to make breads and she owned a bakery store. Of course as she aged and due to more practical reasons, she didn't continue it. So when I finally got to try this new experience it kinda made me feel even more complete.

My dinner rolls didn't turn as beautiful as Laura's. But it was soft and aromatic. I love the smell of fresh bread!

Our my dinner rolls was paired with our spaghetti and salad.

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