Monday, May 18, 2015

Touches of Red

This is now the 2nd phase on enhancing my kitchen. Remember, I shared in an earlier post Glimpse of My Kitchen, it was still empty then. As we move along, I made some additions to make my kitchen look nicer.

Red was not really part of the plan. My husband is not into bold colors too. We even thought that my stand mixer being "red" will not go well with the kitchen that I need to put it back to storage after every use. But... when I started baking again, and just left the mixer on the counter, we both saw the extraordinary taste it can bring. From then on, we decided to accentuate the kitchen with touches of RED.
Before finalizing it, I went online on how both black and red will work for a kitchen. We always see white or brighter colors right? Some considers floral or patterned designs. Pinterest is a good source for ideas when it comes to home improvement. That's when I realize that adding color doesn't have to be  too bold like a whole wall painted red or any preferred color, it doesn't have to be too dull as well. But over-all, as long as your work space or room is not cluttered, anything will work.
The money plant was also experimental since I'm still thinking on how to make kitchen look even better, I just thought of putting the plant at the counter. Apparently, it added color and it's just a small pot. What more if I get maybe 1 or 2 more or something else of the same size. The pot is reddish, it has a red ribbon and the green plant adds a special element.
Still empty compared to the past kitchens I worked on for the past 10 years. All I want is a clutter- free kitchen, where most stuff are hidden but just a grab away if I need any. Accentuating is one way to improve the look of any room. It doesn't have to be all out red or purely one color. Working on a smart looking design and shade as base is a start and I made a good choice with a jet black counter.