Monday, April 13, 2015

Divisoria Food Run

We've been to Divisoria for the past 3 months since the turnover of our new condo. We're always on the look for affordable but still of good quality items for our new home. During our last visit,  we had curtains made , got some rods, bedsheets, etc. Our friends accompanied us this time around.

Our visits to Divisoria nowadays has been very easy because there's a nearby mall where we can park safely and the pathway going to the streets of Tabora and Ilaya are well guarded by mall security. But take note, beyond that, it's a "walk at your own risk system".

Over- all, a trip to Divisoria will still be fun and exciting as long as you know the dos and don'ts of this famous shopping district. When we arrived at 8am, parking was already open at the Lucky Chinatown Mall. My husband and I decided to have coffee at a nearby McDonald's while we wait for our friends.  As soon as our friends arrived, we immediately went on with our little adventure. 

By 10:30am we were already done traversing the streets of Binondo. On our way back to our cars to load our purchases, we saw a small food bazaar along Chinatown Walk. The line of food was tempting and the Chinatown Walk was cozy and shady- cool even on a hot summer day. With that, we took the bait.

The food bazaar was composed of various Chinese dishes which were home-cooked. Personally, Chinese Cuisine is one of my favorites. I grew up in a Chinese community in Sta. Mesa and we have friends who are very generous to share their culture with us.
Being able to finish our task early gave us an opportunity to relax and enjoy the rest of the day on a double date. Not bad right? Double date in Divisoria, shopping, exploring and a food trip, quite an adventure I must say. And we still have to go to Ongpin for the real deal food adventure.
I must admit, I went overboard with the food, I got a lot, which we took home. There was just so much food to taste. Part of this food experience was to feel the other side of Divisoria. We often get the impression with Divisoria as the perfect place to get bargains and as breeding ground for all sorts of nasty schemes (snatchers, holduppers, pickpockets). On the lighter side of it, we were able to explore the "real Divisoria"  but at the same time, we also enjoyed some good food and company in a more relaxed atmosphere.
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