Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pork Asado

Believe it or not, my husband cook better Pork Asado than I do. He made some a few months back, I was so impressed that I wasn't able to take down notes. One afternoon, he left to buy ingredients and took over the kitchen. He was just putting stuff together in a pot, then voila! Pork Asado restaurant style.

I only get to taste Pork Asado everytime I eat in a Chinese Restaurant or if my dad is in the mood to cook some. Yesterday, I was totally bored with the same old, same old dishes. I was on the look for something different to kick our mid- week.

I went online and I came across an easy recipe.

Please check the link for the Cooking Demo.

I made some changes with my Pork Asado. First, instead of using onion, I added ginger which were sliced thinly. I also prefer black pepper granules more than whole because it gives more flavor. For health reasons, I used Coco Sugar (6 packets or about 1 1/2 tbsp). Other than that, I followed the rest in the cooking demo
The meat plays a big part to a delicious and tender Pork Asado. Pork loin, tenderloin has always been the best choice. Easy to cook and has less fat.

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