Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baliwag Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso

The food court is one of my go-to places every time I can't figure out what I want to eat. Sometimes I crave for food that restaurants not even in fast- food chains can offer. For years now, I go to Baliwag for a heavy meal that's Filipino inspired, with the sabaw (soup), rice and big portions combined. Everything is there. Even with my kids, they always find something delicious and healthy from Baliwag.
I particularly love their Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso. An order costs around 99php and that includes a cup of rice. But once you see the large bowl of this viand, a diner will definitely go for another round of rice.
Baliwag's Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso reminds me so much of my dad's version that's why I love it. A sip of the soup makes me forget that I'm in a food court and suddenly, there's this feeling like I never left home.
A large bowl contains half of the Maya-maya fish head and lots of fresh Mustard leaves. For lunch today, after running some errands, my husband asked me if I want to eat in a "more formal restaurant" I said no because I want to check the food court and luckily, they have Baliwag. I was so full. My day was made special sharing a bowl Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso with my other half and... 2 cups of rice.

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