Monday, June 2, 2014

Mango Picking at Rosa Farms

Mango picking is nothing new to me. As a child, my father would always take me and my siblings  to nearby provinces like Pangasinan and there, we go to a farm where we go pick fresh vegetables and mangoes of different types. Fruit or vegetable  picking in a farm is one of the things I want my own kids to experience.

We accidentally came across Rosa Farms on our way to Punta De Uian, Zambales 2 weeks ago. We go to Punta De Uian almost every year, but for some reason, this was our first time to notice this mango farm. Anyway, I saw the big sign along the national hi-way, right side, going to San Antonio, Zambales.

The following day, we checked- out from Punta De Uian early so we can bring the kids to Rosa Farms and experience mango picking. From the beach, going to Rosa Farms is a good 15- 20 minutes. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the nice staff of the farm. Since it's a mango plantation, and it's surrounded by big trees, we were able to park our car in a cool, shady area. We got there around 9:30am, we were the farm's first customers of the day.
In farms such as this, usually, people buy baskets and baskets of fruits and vegetables. Most of the time, they sell it in Manila for a higher price. In our case, I asked the person- in-charge if we can only buy 1 -2 kilos of mangoes just for the experience itself and of course, enough for us to consume when we get home.
We were taken deep in the mango plantation because the day before of our visit, Rosa Farms hosted an event. Guests, tourists raided most of the mango trees near the entrance. We thought that if we're to take a long walk to the available trees way inside the farm, it's going to be more fun. It was nothing for us, because we were able to go around the farm itself.

But, not only they allowed us for a minimum purchase of 2 kilos, they also drove us around the mango farm. I really appreciate their kindness and the value poured towards customer service and satisfaction.
In order to preserve the fruits, the mangoes were individually wrapped with paper bags. Everything was already good for picking.
Most of the mangoes we picked were large in size. Each mango was heavy, the skin of the fruits were smooth, free of spots and it has a sweet- tangy smell.
I kinda promised the people at Rosa Farms that I'm gonna go back and bring my dad. My father is very fond of farms, anything that are freshly picked, organic and over-all, the provincial life. And yes, not only we're going to bring our dad with us, but the rest of the family as well. Since Rosa Farms is near the beach... it's perfect!
To pack our mangoes home, Rosa Farms have eco- friendly bags that are very sturdy. Our visit to Rosa Farms wrapped our summer for 2014. It sure is another extraordinary memory for us.
 *By the way, there's no entrance fee, so please respect the natural environment and be responsible with your trash.
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