Friday, March 21, 2014

Cream Puffs

After a month of being not able to bake, finally I was able to find time again. With my next project, I made some Cream Puffs. As for each pastry I try to bake, I don't expect it to come out perfect on the first try. But for some reason, I'm blessed to have good results for every first attempt I make.

I learn so much even without proper training through some readings  and continuous practice.  Let me share a few of the baking rules I've learned.
  • Follow and understand recipe instructions all the time.
  • Take note of the right baking essentials used for every pastry or cake recipe.
  • Never rush into things.
  • Right temperature is key.
Following these may have been the key that helped me yield how pastries should be. The first batch of Cream Puffs I made turned out pretty well, as if I bought them from a local pastry shop. I was very happy and satisfied.
The recipe I used for my Cream Puffs was from a pastry book. Since I started baking, I always use ingredients of the highest quality being sold in the market. With that, it's easy to achieve the right consistency, texture and over-all mixture in making the pastry.  I saw the difference between now from the time when I baked my first- ever set of cupcakes, I used cheap products then.

The custard filling was easy. My mom taught me how to make it. It's just a mixture of condensed milk, egg yolks, cornstarch and water. (As advised, not to put the egg whites to waste, with sugar and cream of tartar, you can use it to make meringue.)
With regards to the Cream Puff recipe, in case some of you might ask, please give me a little more time, I plan to post it. I just need to fix it accordingly and the right way so you guys can get the very same result. It's hard to post something and get complaints of not getting the right outcome. Since I made some adjustments, it may lead me to concoct my own recipe basing it on those changes made.
The cream puff shells can also be used for chocolate eclairs. For a palm-size cream puff shell, a table spoon or a scoop using an ice cream scooper of the dough will do. Of course, the smaller it is you get bite- sized cream puffs. Cream Puff/ Chocolate Eclairs are my favorites. Being able to bake my own was truly a personal achievement. I never thought that I will come to a point in my life when I'll be baking the things I love.
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