Monday, February 3, 2014

Beer on Tap at T.G.I Friday's

For the past month, I have been in & out of T.G.I Friday's BGC with my husband and relatives. 2014 started right for everyone. We made a pack with my husband's cousin and his wife to go out more often, hangout and unwind from a busy week. It's something new I enjoy lately. I look forward to weekends because I share fun times with our family, it's amazing to be able to spend some time- off on a regular basis, especially now, that our kids are getting more independent.

There's nothing way better than having a bottle or 2 of some cold beer. Beer on Tap San Mig Liter Mug was introduced to me by my husband and his cousin. Thought I' ll never get to experience it because I got overwhelmed of the size first time I saw it. But finally, I was able to give it a try.  It's so refreshing, perfect after a busy and productive week.
Saturday before my husband's birthday, we went out for a drink. Again, at T.G.I Friday's. We love Friday's particularly T.G.I Friday's BGC, for their fast service, friendly staff and form of entertainment to guests. Look for David, he's very loyal, attends to our every request since our first visit.
An order of a Liter Mug is at Php195
The beer remains cold and fresh for hours. Love it!
We love pairing it anything with Nachos!
Just over the weekend, we spent Chinese New Year and an extension of my husband's birthday celebration with our relatives. We left our boys at my mom's then drove all the way to Friday's BGC to meet up with the best people to spend time with.
Record holder is our dear cousin at 3 1/2 Liter Mugs. My husband at 2 and yours truly at 1 1/2 but still looking forward to my 2nd mug. Cheers!
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