Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tagaytay Bound First Day of 2014

First day of 2014, the girls decided to head out of town. Braved the 2 hour slow traffic to Tagaytay and another 30 minutes to 1 hour just to get to our choice of destination. We just thought that a dinner in a cool place, away from Manila was perfect to open the new year.
Just the other day, I shared a post on my other blog on how I spend quality time with my sisters and my mom them being my best friends too. Here's one instance when we just go for something unplanned. It just so happen that we're all okay with the idea, my family slept over at my parents' house in celebration of the New Year. The following day, us girls were still in celebration mode, and so we went up to Tagaytay. We borrowed our dad's car so my husband and kids can tag along as well.
Even for frequent Tagaytay visitors like us, we never fail to have an order of the famous Bulalo which is a native dish at this part of the Philippines. Bulalo is a beef viand particularly made of beef shanks and marrow bones slow- cooked for hours until meat is tender. The soup of the Bulalo matches the cold weather in Tagaytay. Aside from Bulalo, we also ordered Kilawin na Tanigue, Eggplant Salad (Ensaladang Talong), Beef Kaldereta and Pork BBQ. My husband thought of ordering some beer to go with these Filipino dishes but we decided to save it after dinner.
The nice view of the Taal Volcano made our trip worth it. After our delicious dinner, we decided to head somewhere we can have some more drinks. Coffee for my mom, beer for me and my husband and some non alcoholic beverage for my sisters. As we relax in preparation for the long traffic back home, part of our conversation went around sites where one can buy non alcoholic wine online. My husband and I loves to explore and taste new things when it comes to beverages. Well, mostly alcoholic but non alcoholic are worth trying as well. The topic alone warmed up our evening, it was just too cold in Tagaytay.

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