Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Birthday in 2013

This year, I did not plan anything in particular because my husband was away on a mission. I thought I skip the "celebration part" with respect to the people who are badly affected by the recent typhoon. For some reason, fate had a different plan for me. I may have decided not to celebrate my 35th year, but some people were very nice and thought of ways to make my birthday memorable for 2013.

I look at birthday celebrations as a good way to share my favorite things, especially food with the people close to my heart.

To begin, the week my husband was away, I was practically juggling everything on my own. I kinda lived the life of a single parent. My parents were the only people available to help me with some things. One afternoon, my mom paid me a visit and invited me for lunch. We went to a nearby restaurant called Banapple.

For lunch we had pasta. Dishes we haven't tried in Banapple: Penne Bolognese and Trio of Sausages Fettuccine. It's my mom's advance birthday treat. Times spent with my mom and dad are often spent with a good conversation about life, their experiences as parents and lessons they've learned, things I'm still learning.

Monday, I took my kids out for some ice cream and more pasta at the newly opened Iceberg's Katipunan Avenue. I enjoyed my tall mug of strawberry float and the company of my children. My husband surprised me with a cake when me and the kids got home from Iceberg's. It was a blessing that my husband arrived safely from his trip on my special day.
Then, gifts in huge boxes came in... This has got to be one of the most memorable moments in my life. The intention to sacrifice for those in need was attained. I wasn't expecting anything in return but when I thought I had nothing, blessings poured in. When I thought, I was alone, people I love surprised me.
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