Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Beautiful Dresses For All Occasions

There are 2 things coming:  for the end of this year and sometime in 2014.

1.The Holiday Season
2.My brother's wedding.

Both events call for a darling outfit.

Let's start with the most wonderful time we all celebrate, Christmas. It's that time of the year when every boy and girl gets to dress up with the most amazing, beautiful colors and clothes that accentuates one's assets. This year, our family agreed to dress a little formal for Christmas. At first, we thought of red as motif, but it turned out that it's going to be more fun if we mix colors. With that, we all thought to wear something a bit dressy for a nice looking family portrait.

I went to www.dressfirst.com immediately to check out some dresses fit for our theme.

I came across this Sheath Scoop Neck Knee-Length Chiffon... I just love chiffon... It flows and I adore the elegant texture. This dress does not need to much accessories. The style may look simple, from the scoop neck to the length. But the cut along the sleeve line makes the whole cocktail dress high fashion. This particular dress is made- to- order at Dress First. It is going to be personally tailored for my exact fit. Size chart and measuring guide is available in case you want your order to fit you perfectly. Not to forget, there's a wide range colors and sizes to choose from.
I can't wait for the Holidays... This Sheath Scoop Neck Knee-Length Chiffon dress fits me perfectly. As a stay at home mom, I see myself wearing a more conservative yet fashionable attire. Dress First has a lot of options and they have outfits for all occasions.

The next occasion that I need to be ready for is my brother's wedding. I got really excited for this particular event because I will be part of the whole planning team. Weddings nowadays concentrates on a modern vibe. My parents are traditionalists. They're more into the usual white gown where every part of the bride's body is covered. With my brother's wedding, we want to stray away from the usual. Besides, it's the bride and groom's choice to go modern.

Since the wedding ceremony is set to be in chapel, an A-Line/Princess Strapless Knee-Length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress with Ruffle is going to be amazing for the ladies. From this cut, there are other A- Line dresses at Dress First that you may find appealing; like a dress with a sash or straps. But personally, I'm already in love with this dress and I don't think it needs further adjustments.
One does not need to change into a different outfit after the church ceremony. Often, based on my experience, I change into a party-fit attire. For the reception and just to have fun with the newly weds. The knee- length cut makes the whole ensemble ready for some cocktails and for dancing. 

In choosing the right dress, aside from the over-all look, it is very important that you're comfortable with what you'll wear. It automatically builds confidence. When you're confident, you bloom, you shine, it makes people appreciative and all the positive vibes will flow naturally. Dress First has the most adorable dresses. For each event in your life, I know you'll find a lovely dress fit for your personality and style.
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