Friday, October 4, 2013

The Burger Project

Located at 122 Maginhawa st. Teachers Village Quezon City

Here's another food trip we made along Maginhawa st. After braving the long line in the recent S&R Members' Treat, my husband and I decided to have lunch somewhere along the way back home. As always, Maginhawa street was a good stop for affordable, great food choices. For a change, we went to The Burger Project.

If you want real burgers cooked to perfection and is ready to be customized according to your preference, this food chain is well- known for that.
The air-conditioned dining area at the Maginhawa branch was a bit cramped. There were more tables outside the restaurant, but most diners prefer to eat inside where it's much cooler. Anyway, we were able to get a table good for 4 and we enjoyed our meal to the max. Friendly staff too.
Upon ordering, the cashier will hand you a checklist to customize your burger. From there, you choose the burger patty (beef, tofu or chicken). Then the bun, the cheese, the set of toppings and dressing for your burger. They also have a menu of burgers that they can create for you. 

It is known as the Designer Burgers: (Php200-250)
Western Bacon Melt
Bleu Buffalo
Tokyo Pop!
Italian Stallion
Sloppiest Joe
French Lick
and Jugs and Teddy Tandem BRGR

Italian Stallion Angus (php230)
Mozzarella Cheese
Sun-dried tomatoes
Plain Beef Burger (Php105)
Single beef patty
Tokyo Pop! Angus (Php215)
Sauteed Mushrooms
Teriyaki Sauce
Wasabi Mayo
Sliced Onions
Other than their delicious Designer BRGRs, The Burger Project is also famous for their milkshakes and sidings. We had an order of Oreo Cookies& Cream milkshake and Strawberry milkshake (Php150ea) which were very rich and refreshing. It matched our sunny afternoon.  Soda in can is also available at (Php40ea).
The sidings are another set of goodies in their menu. With our visit over the weekend, we ordered some plain french fries (Php65) and onion rings (Php75). Both were made from fresh potatoes and onions. 

I just love how crunchy my onion rings were. It was cooked to perfection. The coating is light brown and crunchy, the onion is just right, it's not over-cooked and it's not half -cooked as well.

At The Burger project, everything is delicious. I can consider it as a healthy choice for burgers too since they're using 100% beef. The mere fact that you can make your own burger, this I have to say, is also a good place for the health- conscious.
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