Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Surprise Mixer

To give a little light on this "baking thing". My family's been into making bread and pastries ever since I was a kid. My parents owned a bakery. My mom and dad made Pandesal, Cheese rolls, Ensaymada and Spanish bread etc... everything became everyone's favorite. 
My mom and dad knows how much I wanted to own a KitchenAid mixer. But as we all know, buying one is no joke. Here in the Philippines, a KitchenAid mixer costs around Php25,000. If we're to spend that much, it's best to take baking a step higher and that's probably the best time to put up a business. 

 But as of the moment, this Homemaker Bench Mixer will do. With Planetary Action , 6 Speeds plus Pulse, 1 Dough Hook, 1 Beater, 1 Whisk, 4 litre stainless steel bowl (detachable), it's a great partner on enhancing one's baking skills. My friends with the same hobby gave a full thumbs up on this lucky buy and it's red. I haven't used it yet.

I'm thanking my dear parents for being thoughtful and supportive. I'm turning 35 next month, married for 10 years with 2 kids, but it feels like I never left home... My parents has always been there for me and my siblings. I'm so blessed to have this kind of relationship with my family.

My week started wonderfully with a call from my mom and told me that they bought a stand mixer. And when I talked to my dad. 

Here's what he said:
"Anak, yan na muna pang practice- practice, tapos bibili tayo ng KitchenAid".  ( For now, this mixer is good for practicing your baking skills, then we will buy a KitchenAid Mixer). 

I didn't even ask for it, but they're saving up for the big one. I'm so inspired that's why I want to bake a cake!

 And yes, my intention is to learn not only to make some sweet pastries but my mom's pandesal and her famous cheese rolls as well. Baking my mom's famous breads is a planned surprise. I just want to surprise them one day and serve some hot bread on the dining table.

With a new mixer, it doesn't mean I am going to let go of my mom's 20 year old hand mixer. Our hand mixer is working just fine, it's perfect for making small recipes and quick mixes. I just love the thought that I have both mixers!

It's happiness having freshly baked bread coming from your own oven first thing in the morning. I experienced that thru my parents when I was a kid. I want to do it for my children and my husband. It's one of the fond memories I had as a child and I will cherish and pass it over to my family.

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