Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pastries By Enchie

 I love to cook, but baking is another story. So here are some of the pastries I've made for the past weeks. I have to say, it's really hard to perfect something I don't really have knowledge of. My interest in making pastries started early this year. I just wanted to do something new. Something that my family can also enjoy, especially my 2 kids. Right now, making pastries has become a hobby. I try to bake every weekend, either a new recipe, or I stick with an old one and improve it.

 Most of the goodies I make are baked to my preference. From the texture, the taste, down to the frosting. Pastry shops are everywhere here in Manila and boy they're expensive. And come to think of it,  not all pastries being sold are as appealing and tasteful as their dining room or the "cute- looking" bake shop itself. I learn from those unsatisfying experiences  as a customer, then I imagine making my own.

 Putting up a business is far to be considered as of the moment by the way. I just want to be the mom who can bake for her children. It's very rewarding to personally bake pastries as snacks. Before, I go to a local bakeshop to get some sweet fix. Now, I make my own. My eldest son loves my cupcakes as his "baon" for school. And he even told his best friend whom he share his cupcakes with "his mama" makes them.
 Soft, moist Fudge Cupcakes coated with rich dark chocolate. 

 There's still a lot to learn. Some people they enroll in baking classes to have background. As much as I want to, I don't have the extra time for it, so I try my best to learn by reading recipe books, watch videos, demos then practice, practice, practice whatever I can absorb. And when I'm finally graced with the said time, I will get myself the proper education.

 Most recipes I've tried are good for 12- 24 pieces. Once I've perfected the recipes, I will share a couple here in my blog. 

 It relaxes me every time I create something. The Dark Chocolate Coated Fudge Cupcakes in particular was requested by my sister. I was happy to make some for her. She would often by commercial cupcakes. 

Her favorite is the chocolate coated ones. Instead of buying, I can always whip- up something heavier, richer, delightful and healthier because the ingredients I use are all from the finest quality.

Blueberry Muffins sugar-cinnamon crust, topped with cream cheese frosting.

 As much as possible I don't add coloring or anything artificial. It's just the basics enhanced to the top. Well anything for my family has got be from the finest. It's fun baking, especially when it's for the family or for the simply reason that you want to share and make people happy.

 One of the achievements I've made was to be able to make my own caramel. I immediately tried it with my fudge brownies. It blended well. It's chewy and it gave my brownies a distinct taste and an extraordinary texture. I can't wait to try my caramel as filling for my cupcakes. Caramel has always been a favorite. With caramel alone, one can concoct other pastries, it's up to the maker's imagination ;)

Made of rich cocoa mixed with some homemade caramel and almond shavings.

For the mean time, I've skipped 2 weekends of baking. I'm kinda busy gathering and preparing for materials needed for baking cakes, cheesecakes and mousse. All 3, mix and combine... a 2 or 3 layer cake in the making.
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