Friday, October 4, 2013


We get exhausted with the weekend rush, especially when pay day steps in as well. One of the routines that my husband and I came up with is to do errands and other things on a weekday. Monday is one of our relaxing days of the week. My husband gets to go to work late and most of the time, since we opt to stay at home the day before, we're able to well, same with our kids. Result: A happy Monday for all! It's a great way to start the next 5 days of work and school.

Here's our Monday routine:

We get up early, I cook breakfast for the kids, prepare my eldest son's lunch bag, get him ready for school.
By 7:30 am we're out, the whole family brings Frankie to school.
After dropping our son, my husband and I will plan as we drive around looking for a restaurant where we can have breakfast.
Most of the time, we eat at restaurants near our place, Katipunan Ave., Eastwood and Cubao. Spots that have restaurants that offers breakfast. Last Mondate we went to Eastwood and had buffet breakfast at Something Fishy. It's not our first time in this restaurant, but it's been months since we had buffet for breakfast. Other choices we go to are 24 hour fast food chains like Wendy's, KFC, Shakey's. It all depends on what we're craving for :D Cubao alone, has so much to offer. Most of the restaurants along Shopwise Araneta are open 24 hours.

Mondates are seldom documented with pictures, because we're just occupied with our special time. We eat out like we're on our dating stage, talk about things, eat food we've never tried before or we haven't eaten for a long time... With our recent Mondate, I thought I share it here on my blog. It's a good option of staying away from the usual crowded Saturday or Sunday.

It's good to be blessed with free time on a "Monday". Maybe if you get some time off, try going on a Mondate, it will surely boost you up for the rest of the week.

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