Tuesday, September 24, 2013


One of the places my family was fond of visiting when I was kid is Cubao in Quezon City. Who will never forget the fun rides at the Fiesta Carnival, toy shopping in COD after watching the Christmas Display Show, window shopping with my mom at the Rustan's Department Store, a quick trip to Farmer's Market and of course, the old Marikina Shoe Expo. I'm not the only person who loves Cubao, my hubsand as well. My other half practically grew up in Cubao. His family lived across Aurora Blvd. the road that links Cubao to their old house. Just recently, my husband took me to Nena's Bibingka located beside the old building that used to be COD which is now, a SM Savemore supermarket.

We talked to the waiter and even told him our story about the old Nena's restaurant... Nena's restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Cubao that's still open. We had lunch at Nena's after our quick errand in SM Cubao. Nena's has become my husband's one of the memorable places he visited during his childhood. He told me that his dad would take him there all the time. It brought good, old memories back as we waited for our food.

Our lunch went around on an order of Lechon Kawali, Eggplant Enchilada and Beef Mechado. The serving per viand is good for sharing.
As we enjoyed our food, it felt like we never left our "old" homes. I can taste my "lola's" cooking with the food I ate at Nena's. It was wonderful to feel and imagine my childhood days with traditionally prepared food at Nena's.
Nena's specialty is their Bibingkas. Right now, they have a Buy4 Get 1 free promo for Php80. It's all-year round favorite. They also have a Merienda Buffet at Php170 with a No Leftover Price of Php85. Prices range from Php30-200.
Aling Nena with the young Vilma Santos

(These vintage photos were taken from a display in the restaurant.)

Located: General Romulo Avenue, Corner Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City
beside the old COD
Restaurant hours: 8am-8pm Monday- Saturday

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