Thursday, September 5, 2013

Black Angus Steak for My Birthday?

It's September and once the "BER" months sets in, for my family, it doesn't only mean that Christmas is just around the corner. But also, it's within the "BER" that we get to celebrate 3 birthdays. Mine and my children's birthday. Let's concentrate on my plans for my special day this year. First, I'm not much of a spender when it comes to my special day. Usually, I only celebrate by spending the day with my family at a mall, then eat somewhere that caters simple food and drinks. For some reason, I want something different this year. Aside from my husband and kids, I thought of inviting 3 of my best pals (2 of my childhood friends, my maid of honor) and of course, my mom and sisters for dinner or lunch in a restaurant I haven't tried before.

Come to think of it, it's been a long time since I've organize a day out or a night out with any of the girls. I thought of having steak for my birthday. It's something new really. Usually, I go for Chinese, Italian and even Mexican food. My husband who is more familiar with steaks is going to help me out. I was advised to check online for black angus coupons 2013 . Coupons is not new to me, I've enjoyed expensive dining experience with the help of coupons. Sometimes, they give you big discounts, a free appetizer and dessert or an up-size on your favorite drink.

For the mean time, I have to serach for restaurants that will give me and my guests the best steaks ever. Maybe some of them are offering such great deals too.
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