Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Restaurant Thoughts: Raintree More Than Just Milk Tea

It's been awhile since our last visit to Raintree. My family moved to a different location, so it took some time for us to visit our favorite milk tea shop again. Last time I made an article about it was back in 2011 see here:

Since then, Raintree has moved up to a different level. It's more than just a milk tea shop, it's now a cafe that offers, pasta, sandwiches, other pastries (aside from their delicious macarons) like brownies and cupcakes and beef rice bowls.

On the side, the cozy cafe also opened it's doors and added Pampanga's Best and a confectionery called Raintea Confectionery that sell French Macarons.
 Jasmine Floral and Belgian Chocolate
We never tire of our usual from Raintree. They serve rich milk teas. When I say rich, there's not a taste of artificial flavoring. For the diabetics, Raintree sells Splenda as substitute so you can still enjoy something cold and tasteful.
On a regular weekday, my husband and I stays at Raintree while waiting for the fetching time of our son whose school is just a few minutes away. I like matching my milk tea with some macarons (php30ea) and a cupcake (php60ea) which I share with my other half and a little for our baby.
Raintree's Pasta Carbonara (php150)
Here, we paired our pastas with Raintree's Specialtea and Amaretto (almond) milk tea.
Raintree's Pasta Pesto (Php150)
Their pasta is one of my favorites because everything in it is freshly made then served. Pasta sauce is thick and is not salty. The pasta noodles itself is firm. But the part I like the most is the large amount of Parmesan cheese that covered the pasta and the slice of French bread.

There's a lot to look forward to on the coming days... Remember, we still have some Manly meals: Beef Rice Bowls to try. (wink!)
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