Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Canterberry Café

It was my usual weekend visit to my parents, there was nothing to do... my husband was at work, my dad's busy with stuff needed to be fixed, my brothers were both working. The girls are the only ones in the house. My mom, my sisters and I were having a good laugh, boredom sets in, it's almost lunch we decided to drive and have a good meal at a nearby restaurant.

I lived in Taytay Rizal half of my childhood until I got married. This restaurant discovery my sisters shared with me was worth it. I never thought that something like it will flourish at the heart of the town itself.
They call it Canterberry Café .

Canterberry Café offers Filipino viands for a very affordable price. An All-day Meal which consist of a viand and rice costs around Php50-80. Sizzlers and Appetizers good for 3-4 costs Php95-380. A pitcher of iced tea is at Php90. They also have a delectable line of desserts, snacks, sandwiches, pizza and pasta. Even for a single order, satisfaction is guaranteed, it's as good as eating our favorite home-cooked meal.
The restaurant itself is not air-conditioned, but its big windows keeps the place cool enough to enjoy ones dining experience. Canterberry Café is often visited by students like my sisters. They love Canterberry because it's a place where they can eat clean, delicious food and hangout with their friends. On a food adventure, I always take note of the crowd or the people that often makes up the place. In Canterberry, I was happy to see families, couples maybe on a lunch date and a bunch of youngsters having a good time.
As a foodie who loves to try everything and anything that will make my tummy happy, I am very proud of this restaurant find because I experienced quality service, good food and nice ambiance in a restaurant found in our humble town of Taytay Rizal... as if I ate in a restaurant within Makati or Quezon City. If you're in the area of Rizal, stop by.

Canterberry Café
E-149, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Taytay, Rizal 1920
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