Tuesday, May 14, 2013

YABU On Mother's Day 2013

We went on with our Mother's Day celebration early. My husband opted to treat me and our 2 little boys out for brunch instead of dinner. I didn't know that he had Yabu in mind.  In Yabu, based on our experience once lunch time strikes, the waiting line is going to be endless. We were at the Sm Megamall branch as early as 10 in the morning. But since the mall just opened, I suggested we look around for other restaurants. After an hour of browsing through menus, I thought that Yabu is enough to celebrate. We were lucky to get a table. Even if it's outside the restaurant, we didn't mind because a few minutes after we were seated, the line started to build up.

It's Mother's Day!
The famous House of Katsu was a good choice for the day. It was my son's first time to experience Yabu. He enjoyed grinding the sesame seeds. He mixed his own sauce and drizzled his cabbage with his choice of dressing. Of course, my son loved the fact that he ate using chopsticks.
Our food circled on Tonkatsu Sets: Rosu 180g and Rosu 120g
Then we had an additional order of  Seafood Katsu Set: Black Tiger Prawn, Scallop, Cream Dory, Oyster and Squid. It was indeed "my day" because we were served with more oysters. Usually, they serve this set with 1 for each kind. I got a seafood set just because of Yabu's giant oysters and they're fresh.

When it comes to good food, a refreshing drink must follow. It's Yabu's House Blend bottomless iced tea!
For my son, he had the Kid's Katsu Set Meal which includes: potato croquette, edamame, Japanese rice, cabbage and a bowl of fruit. My son loves it! It's a healthy set for kids.
After lunch, we went around the mall for awhile and no I didn't go shopping which I usually do on occasions like these. Well, I thought I'll save up for some kitchen essentials instead. I'm very happy for this simple and fun Mother's Day celebration. Seeing my love ones happy with what I do for them and with what they experience doing with me makes yours truly complete not just as a mother to my 2 boys, but also whole as a person. I love you guys! Your Moma is always here for you...
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