Thursday, May 2, 2013

Celebrating Mom and Ella's Birthday at Papa John's

The recent week, I have been occupied searching for a nice restaurant where the whole family can celebrate my mom and my sister's birthday. Usually, we do the celebration at home. We cook luscious dishes, spent with a whole lot of endless bonding moments. Since my dad is out of the country and my other brother wasn't also available,  my mom decided to treat the rest of the family some place else. At first she wanted buffet. Then, Banapple. Until she finally made up her mind to try Papa John's.

Papa John's as most of us know, is a famous pizza- pasta restaurant that originated in America. It's one of the fast- growing restaurants in the Philippines. For family gatherings and for group get- togethers, Papa John's is perfect.
One of the things I like about Papa John's is their cozy dining room. Even when the restaurant is full, there's room for movement. The tables are aligned properly and offers enough privacy.

My Pink Grapefruit Soda
I love Papa John's Sodas. On my second round I went with Green Apple.
Each went with an order of any pasta of their choice. Most of us got Seafood Carbonara.
Mediterranean Seafood Linguini
Diablo Burst
3 orders of each: Mozzarella Sticks and Battered Onion Rings
Papa John's Signature Pizza: All the Meats Pizza
Papa John's Signature Pizza: Super Papa's
Papa John's Specialty Pizza: Fisherman's Catch
We sure made our mom happy by simply going with her choice of restaurant. I know that Papa John's will fit our needs as a big family. We love the food, the ambiance and the friendly people at Papa John's.

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