Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cafe Balooga

I'm going to be honest, the name of the restaurant caught my attention. Balooga as a Filipino "street word", I think it's best to say that it does exist but with a far different meaning.

Cafe Balooga offers a mix of dishes like pastas and steaks. Refreshing drinks: fresh fruit juices, cold beer, hard drinks, coffee and tea.

It's pretty affordable too.

Price range from Php200-1,000+  (serving is good for sharing)

I discovered Cafe Balooga during our trip to Subic 3 weeks ago. We were at the Harbor Point Mall to look at some outlet shops. In line with those shops we were at, are 2 restaurants and one of them is Cafe Balooga. I checked their menu, looked interesting, but we weren't prepared at that time so we promised to go back.

And we did... just over the weekend. Yes, we're back in Subic! This time around, it was just me and my husband. We went on a "date trip". Part of  our trip was to experience Cafe Balooga.
Cafe Balooga
Level 2, Store No. 2058
Harbor Point Mall
Subic Freeport Zone

For starters:
Fish and Chips Php230
Chips are real potatoes sliced thinly, mixed with pieces of crunchy fish fillet, served with tartar sauce.

 Here's the nice part: Since most of their a la carte meal are good for sharing, my husband and I opted to go for their single- served dishes so we can try at least 3. You can have pasta of your choice that's served with beef, pork or chicken and it also comes with a glass of iced tea. Rice is also available to be paired with any:  beef, pork or chicken viand, also served with iced tea.
Pasta Pomodoro with Grilled Pork Chop and a tall glass of Iced Tea Php180

Cafe Balooga's version of Pasta Pomodoro made it to my list of favorites. Being a pasta lover, the texture and quality of the pasta and it's sauce is of  great deal to me. Cafe Balooga's Pasta Pomodoro was served with slices of green chili. I like to use chili as flavoring, but not really to eat it.

Cafe Balooga's Pasta Pomodoro was an exception. I just love the idea that they added chili in it. My pasta is spicy but just right. For the first time, I was able to enjoy eating chili. I savored the crunchiness of the chili and it's juicy flavor. Of course the spaghetti noodles was cooked perfectly.
Choice of Beef Stroganoff with Rice and a tall glass of Iced Tea Php180
The dining room is cool and cozy. Cafe Balooga is often visited by foreigners and local tourists. We went there to have lunch, we love how private the place is.
It doesn't end here, because this coming May, we are driving back to Subic and a visit to Cafe Balooga is a must!  I can imagine Cafe Balooga by night, it sure is a good place to go to, have some cold beer and cool conversations with your partner and good friends.
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