Friday, March 1, 2013

Yes! A Header!

Finally! It's been 4 years... and now, a header for my food blog. Well, it's not as good as the ones made by the pros but, since I made it, it's special. I've been meaning to spend on the over- all layout, but thinking about the price and my urge to experiment all the time,  spending on such is going to be a total waste.

The photos were randomly picked from my files through the years. 2 are shots from a restaurant. An Instagram image of my breakfast, pasta which is my favorite, a dessert and the rest are dishes prepared and cooked by yours truly. I didn't bother to edit the images individually because I want you to see the dates when they were taken. I thought it will look messy, but thank goodness, it turned out okay.

Red as an accent because this shade is attractive, it brings color to everything dull. Same as with food, it makes the reader imagine how delicious everything is in this food blog. It also makes my site look simple yet vibrant to the eyes of the viewer.

I was able to come with this header with the help of my Apple photo apps. So thanks to those apps. I never thought that those things will give the answer for a header. It's simple as mixing and matching things and putting apps together. Love it!

If you notice any glitch, please bear, it was made using an iPod 5th gen. Imagine my big fingers tapping and sliding on a small screen :D But I did eventually moved it to my iPad.

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