Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shomal By Hossein

Persian food is one of my family's favorites. We've been in and out of several restaurants through the years of our food adventure and so far, among the Persian restaurants we've tried, Shomal takes the #1 spot in our list.
Located at the 4/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave,Shomal by Hossein will entice you with their wonderful Persian- Arabian dining experience. With the luxurious set- up of the dining area, fine curtains, delicate patterns and attractive shades that will make one's moment unforgettable. We were seated at the couch area. To maintain privacy for each table, there are curtains that served as dividers. It made our whole dining experience more authentic.
Instead of ordering individual plates and dishes, we decided to go for Shomal's Persian Kebab Platter Specialties particularly the Mega Kebab 1 (Php1,200+)

2 sticks beef kubideh
2 sticks beef shish kebab
2 sticks chicken kebab
4 large grilled tomatoes
A large platter of mixed saffron rice and biryani rice

This platter is good for sharing (4 heads)
For our appetizer, we decided to go for a share order of Hummus/ Houmous (Php200+) that was serve with pita bread.It has always been fun eating Hummus. I love it as a dip too. All in all, we ordered 4 more large pita bread because Shomal's hummus was so good and the size of the plate was pretty big, we took our left- overs home.

For me, the highlight among the dishes served was the rice. Of course it's Rice from India. I love the texture. For those who are interested, Shomal is selling this rice for 150php per kilo. I'm coming back to taste a new set of food and to purchase some of that good rice.

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