Friday, March 22, 2013

Busy But Still Cookin'

My week before Holy Week has been very busy and tiring. I wasn't expecting it to be so exhausting considering that school is over... One of the things that made my day so sluggish was the weather. It has been  ridiculously humid. Yeah, I know summer is here. But I'm expecting our days to be hot but in some way, still refreshing.

Anyway, preparing and making plans for our first summer getaway is one of the things that's keeping me busy too. I've been looking for resorts near manila that are nice, family-friendly and peaceful. As of now, most resorts are already fully-booked. I'm hoping that my husband has already made arrangements since he is not bothered by the fact that I can't find a single location for our vacation. Another is the renewal of our passports. It's easier now, praise Jesus! This time, I'm preparing documents for 4 individuals--- growing family :) and a possible travel?

One of my growing interest is baking/ making pastries. 
I'm taking this new hobby slowly. I have important plans for it in the near future, so I want each pastry to come out perfectly. I re-invent a basic recipe to something new and delightful and to be able to make my own mark in the industry.
With all the work that's needed to be done beyond my kitchen, I still make time to prepare a few meals worth sharing.  Happy and loving it!

Please bear for I'll be posting them soon.

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