Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great Deals For Treats

Since September 2012, relatives from Georgia's been visiting us. It was quite a year because we don't get to go abroad and yet, we always blessed with visits from our relatives in America. The visits didn't end in 2012 though, because as early as January of the new year, a close auntie of my husband paid us a visit as well. As early as December 2012, we were already talking about our aunt's visit, making plans with our other relatives here in the Philippines as well.

We thought of several places that has restaurant discounts and dining deals. When it comes to dining deals, these are restaurants that offers packages.  From a single order to family size meals. Yes it is cost savings, because you get to choose meals that's according to ones budget. And so, we were able to treat our aunt to a perfect place with nice view and cool ambiance. These restaurant deals  will sure come in handy, especially for people like my family who likes to treat guests.
$20 for $40 Worth of Mexican Food at Chepo's Mexican Restaurant  
For this month, we're set again to meet another relative who'll be visiting us from Georgia. As of now, we are still looking for a great place that offers a wide selection and that has an extraordinary take. 

Once we get to visit Georgia ourselves, my family and I will make sure to go on a food adventure.
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