Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Nail Guide

One of the things that I don't often get as a stay at home mom is some time to pamper my nails. I do get nail care, but I've lowered my visits to the salon simply because I can't find any spare time that easily. If I can't find time to have my nails done by the expert, it doesn't mean that I'm totally neglecting them. There are ways to keep your fingernails and toenails healthy with simple techniques you can apply at home. At the same time, for those who are into gel nails, solar nails and even fake nails. Such nails like solar or fake nails has made it as a trend. Girls like them because you can customize it according to how you want your nails to look. Please read here for the proper care, application and removal, benefits and history of fake nails. If you're into gel nails and you're clueless on how to remove it without going to the salon, you can find more info here

Home applications are way cheaper and it doesn't eat time as much as the moment spent in a salon. I have always wondered what solar nails are. Solar nails are emerging as an amazing and popular form of artificial nails. If you have already used or seen acrylic nails, you will realize that they offer a similar solution. However, if you are looking for better results then you may want to try a new variety that boasts of both, beauty and strength. In their intrinsic form, these nails have the look of a customary French manicure; light pink bases with white ends. Not only do they look smooth, they also feel sturdy. As their name suggests, they are resistant against sun rays and do not get tarnished easily. Once you start using them, you can say good-bye to chipped, discolored nails! If I get a chance to have my nails done, I want to go solar for my nails.

 Let's take sneak a peek at this site on what solar nails are and how can it glam us up with the unique designs and strength that can hold a nice set of fingernails. Anytime an occasion calls in, we're ready.
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