Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mixed Indulgence Over the Holidays

As always, our holidays became a month- long celebration for me and my family. Often times, we feast on the sweetest and biggest holiday ham, pasta of different types, grilled dishes, salads and desserts. One of the things that made my feasting unique is the line of sweets and a dish that was given and prepared by yours truly. These I call mixed indulgence for I don't usually fill myself with such. But this time around, I feasted, I enjoyed the food I love.

Let's start with my favorite combination of fruit and chocolates.
We gave out some chocolates this Christmas, but not all of it. I made sure to leave a little something-something for us. I  love combining some fresh strawberries with  dark chocolates.
Frankie's version is such a temptation too. He went for a slice or 2 of our favorite Decadent brownies to match some slices of fresh strawberries. With 2 or 3 bites is enough to say that you've indulged yourself. The chocolate and brownies are made from rich cocoa, it perfectly matched the fresh strawberries.
Maybe some of you are already familiar with chocolate rocks/ CHOCO ROCK. It's a combination dark and milk chocolates. I got familiar with these when my dad brought some from his recent trip outside the country. Everytime he travels, he search for something new, most of the time chocolates and candies.
I love it! I sure hope I can find a candy shop here in the Philippines that sell these colorful, delicious rocks.
Of course, Ube and Leche Flan. I used to make leche flans, but with the short amount of time left, I skipped it this year. From work, a co-worker gifted us with some. I knew that something was missing on our holiday table, and yes, these completed our feast.
Lastly, my homemade Lasagna Roll Ups. This was inspired by my love for pasta dishes. I thought to prepare something I haven't done before. This is a no bake dish.  All you'll need is your filling, the traditional white sauce, meat sauce, lots of cheese, then pop it in the microwave.

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