Thursday, November 8, 2012

The New Magnolia Flavor House

I grew up visiting the old Magnolia Flavor House in New Manila, Quezon City. Half of my childhood was spent at my grandmother's house near Magnolia. I remember, as a kid, my parents would take me and 2 of my brothers for some banana split and their classic chocolate sundae. Every Christmas, Magnolia would set up a small amusement park and late at night, my parents would drive us again there to enjoy the rides and with more ice cream.
The Magnolia Flavor House is a famous ice cream parlor here in the Philippines. At the back of the ice cream shop there lay a huge ice cream factory. I enjoyed the old ice cream house until I was in college. My school sits right across Magnolia. Later on, I discovered that Magnolia was already a functioning restaurant serving not only ice cream but rice dishes, sandwiches, pasta and sodas too.
Most of the time, I would have lunch there with my college friends.  It was during my 2nd year in college when Magnolia slowly went down. Eventually, the factory closed and so is the ice cream shop.
I shared this same story with my husband. The Magnolia Flavor House was also part of his childhood.
Now, we are very happy to share that the old ice cream parlor opened its doors again. The very same lot where the old ice cream factory once stood is now a mall called Robinsons Magnolia. It is a new mall that offers its visitors a high-class shopping experience. Behind the mall is an open garden and there you will find The Magnolia Flavor House.
Of course it is a smaller version of the original ice cream shop. The menu is composed of ice creams and sweet delights that will surely make you travel back in time. They also offer pasta, and sandwiches in case you're up for something heavier. It was our first time to visit and relive our childhood once again. We took our mom with us so she can also reminisce of the times when she had her Magnolia moments.
The restaurant was packed,  we were #9 in the waiting list. It seems like there's more people waiting  at The Magnolia Flavor House than those inside the mall. I was the happiest the moment I stepped in the Magnolia Flavor House. I kept telling my eldest son Frankie that it is a very cool place to have some fun and ice cream. It feels so good to be back and to be able to bring  our own kids  to experience this amazing part of our journey together.