Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homemade Pizza

Among the 5 of us (me and my siblings), 3 of us took Hotel and Restaurant Management in college. Myself, my brother Nano and my sister Ella. Cooking has always been our interest. But all 3 of us has something different to offer, an individual specialty. For now, let us concentrate on what my brother Nano can do.

Every weekend, we make it a point to have a family gathering at my parents' house. We prepare food and activities that will make our bonding moments more colorful and fun. Over the weekend, my brother treated us with pizza. Before, we would always buy frozen pizza crust from the supermarket. Now, we're enjoying our pizza that's made from the freshest dough.

The pizza sauce is a special mixture of herbs and spices concocted by my brother.
I really love the fact that I'm able to eat pizza made out of fresh dough. The last time I experienced eating pizza this fresh was during my last visit to Baguio in 2010. Fresh meaning: the dough is smoking hot once you tear a piece, the smell of fresh flour is present and of course, it's soft and chewy--- and it will never harden up even if exposed for a very long time.
Tossing the pizza dough.
Please bear with the shape, we haven't gotten our materials for making pizza. They call this amoeba pizza. You just open the dough, spread it out, start with the sauce and toppings immediately.
The fun part with homemade pizza,  make your own! Just top it with whatever you want.
In one day, we enjoyed eating 3 kinds of pizza. We really can't wait once we get our hands on the pizza- making materials--- that would include a heavy- duty mixer and other baking essentials too. 2013 might just be our year ;D 
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