Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From The S&R Members' Treat 2012

As A Consumer:
S&R has been a regular grocery stop for us for the past 2 years. Grocery? some of you might think... that it's  too expensive... I understand where you're coming from, I also thought of it that way. But since I'm after the freshness and quality of the products I buy and serve my family, especially the perishables and stuff we can stock on like canned goods, S&R has it all on a silver platter. It's just the right place for me as a home-maker, I find whatever I need in S&R.

From One Branch To Another:
My husband and I noticed the flood of people coming to S&R BGC branch even on a regular day. With that, sometimes we don't get to buy the products we need. So we decided to move to a different branch to shop. Since we live in Quezon City, we thought that S&R Congressional is a the perfect branch. It's bigger, I noticed that this branch has more products and of course, on a regular day, there's not much shoppers. With the recent Members' Treat, Congressional was packed to a point that they closed the gates to regulate the poeple and cars coming in. From there, we decided to head back to S&R BGC branch.

Last year, the S&R BGC branch was in total chaos during the Members' Treat.  This time, it's the exact opposite. The line was long but moving, it was more organized and parking was easy. I'm just happy to visit this branch again.
The Journey Begins:
The S&R Members' Treat is one of the most anticipated events every year. As early as 4am first day of the sale, people are already lined up just to get their hands on hundreds of products sold for a very cheap price both local and imported items. Some are offered on a Buy1Take1 basis, some have discounts for as low as 50%.
This month's Members' Treat, we didn't concentrate on certain products. We opened ourselves and our budget to whatever we can find useful for our home.
Since S&R BGC is smaller, it's hard to go around with a shopping cart. One tactic that my husband and I practiced through the years is to park our cart in line for the cashier then we take turns to go around and get whatever our eyes catches.

As always, the line for the cashier is longer than the line of people waiting outside for their turn to come in. Last week, I posted a link where everyone can get updates with regards to S&R promos, special offers and activities.
It is very important to get updates on products to be sold and at the same time, make a list of products you intend to buy or at least products you wish would go on sale. A list makes it easier once you're inside the warehouse, all you have to do is go from one aisle to another and then grab, grab, grab!
It took us 2-3 hours to get to the cashier counter. We lined up where people ahead of us had 2 or 3 carts full. We were in line to pay around 11am, we went out of S&R exactly 2pm. While waiting, my husband got us some food. Actually, I enjoyed the whole waiting process. While in line, we were just playing around with the new apps we bought for my iPad, one of them is 360 Panorama, my first picture with the app was not as presentable, but I like it.

Our Great Finds:

1. Quilted pillows: Queen Size at (350.00 each) Standard (250.00each)
    Buy1Take1 Pillow Cases with 300 Thread Count (250.00)
2. Canned goods and other products:
  • Prem Luncheon Meat( php79.00 each)
  • Hormel Luncheon Meat (php 87.00 each)
  • Purefoods Chunkee Corned Beef (php38 each)
  • 2  280g boxes Swiss Miss with Free Mug (php 197)
  • 1 box of Pringles 6 Super Stack (php399)
  • 1 box heavy Duty Ziploc (php175)
  • 6 Chow Mein Terriyaki Beef Noodles (php49 each)
  • Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts (php129each)
  • Combos (php100+ each)
We stock up on certain products such as canned goods with easy-open lids for emergency purposes. It's always best to keep a full pantry. I for one, cook a lot. I make experiments on whatever ingredient I have available, so everything is an essential for me. The goodies such as the chips, peanuts and biscuits, those are to be consumed anytime, especially for our weekend family movie night :)
3. Toiletries:
  • Buy1Take1 8Bar Pack of Safegurad White (350.00)
  • Buy1Take1 6Bar Pack Irish Spring (350.00)
  • Buy1Take1 3 Litre Jug of Zip Dishwashing Liquid (299.00)
  • Buy1Take1 Colgate (179.00)
  • 1000 ml Johnsons baby Milk Bath with Free Johnsons Baby Powder (200.00)
  • Carefree packed by 2s (124.00)
Most of the tioiletries we got are the very same products we're using.

4. Others:
1 K Bounty Fresh Chicken Nuggets (214.00each) original price (250.00)
Hormel Pork Sausages (75.00 each) original price (199.00)
As always, our favorites for breakfast. Chicken Nuggets and Sausages.

5. Home Essentials: Furnitures
So we moved to a new place last July, we're still at it. Since we ditched our old furnitures, we are now slowly buying new ones, looking for the right ones that will fit in our humble home. One of our great buys during this month's Members' Treat was a shelf. My husband bought it separately, we had to go in an area in the parking lot to claim it. My husband said he got it for (2,100.00)/ original price was at (3,000.00)
It's sturdy and way better than the stuff we see in local department stores.
We're very lucky that S&R moved their sale on the time we're about to do our regular grocery shopping.  Most  discounted products and buy1take1 items are the things we needed. Imagine, same budget we got more than the usual, spent a little on the things not on the list but still very useful and handy.
Why is this so important? you don't get TREATS like this in any other store here in the Philippines and you're not treated this way in any other shops and outlets.
Last Hurrah for the S&R Members' Treat 2012, waiting for another round at the S&R Members' Treat 2013 and see you again S&R next week :)

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