Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Preparation For SAT

Preparing for college? I remembered my own struggles just to be able to get in to a good school in college. Aside from the entrace exams taken from different universities and colleges, I also prepared for NSAT National Secondary Assessment Test. It's similar to SAT, it's a form of exam that gauge literacy and important skills that will determine one's success in college. SAT is a form of assessment done by analyzing and solving problems, topics learned throughout highschool that will come in as essentials in college. In my case our highschool class had a month of review everyday after our regular class. For some of my classmates, they thought that getting a tutor will help a lot in acquiring the proper knowledge and review in order to pass the exam.
I went through another process... The college or university I chose used my scores as another source on how ready I am for college. And as they added up my scores, yes, I did pass and I was able to get in to the school of my choice. These exams such as SAT, with proper review and with the help of sat tutors can be considered as a big contribution to one's future.
We all want to be successful. In order to be successful, it's best to achieve the things we think is good for us, just like choosing the best schools we will thrive in. A place where we can grow and develop in.
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