Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Memory Lane

I found about Memory Lane through my mom. Like me, my mom is a food lover. One of her favorite destinations for food tripping is Tagaytay City. She would often enjoy these so-called food trips with my aunt, my mom's sister. We all know that Tagaytay is filled with restaurants and food stops of different cuisines and dining- experience.

It was not too long ago when she came across Jolina Magdangal's restaurant in Tagaytay City. I think, she found out about Memory Lane when it was featured in a tv show.

When my mom saw Memory Lane, she was ecstatic to see something similar to our house. And so, when she found some time to visit Memory Lane she shared her experience with me.

On the recent vacation I made in Tagaytay with my husband, we made sure that Memory Lane is going to be part of our itinerary.
One thing I always look forward to in every food adventure I make is the personal connection I can get. Thinking, that I'm not only there to take pictures and blog about it, but also to savor every moment of the experience sharing it with someone special and very important in my life.
It was around 2pm when we arrived in Tagaytay, checked- in our Villa, waited for an hour to rest, then we decided to have some snacks at Memory Lane.
 Being not familiar with what they serve, we opted to try their house specialties. Memory Lane Blended Iced Tea (php95), Memory Lane Tuna Sandwich(php180) and Cheese Croquettes(Php160), softdrinks in can (php50+).
The menu consists mostly of Filipino dishes served with a twist. Memory Lane is known for it's scrumptious Sinigang na Lechon. I wasn't able to try something heavy for this visit. But again, it's always best to leave some room for another round, a second or a third visit perhaps...
Memory Lane has this Country- 50's diner inspired dining atmosphere.
Memory Lane is located along Magallanes Drive, Tagaytay City. Prices range from: php140- 600. With the small snack we took, our bill summed up to around php550.
Memory Lane brought me back to the time when my mom would talk to me of her dream house. The times we would just sit in the dining room talking details that was then our dream house...

This is going to be the first time that I'll be sharing our lovely home... My close friends calls it Casa de Lara. For those who know my family's story...  this Casa they call is our family's dream that has become a legacy because of the hardships, sacrifices our family went through and the strengths and inspirations gained to fulfill this dream.
Memory Lane reminds us (our family) so much of the heart-filled dream we once had. A dream we are now living in. Living the dream in 2 destinations close to our hearts... Our very house and Memory Lane Tagaytay City where it feels like we never left our home...

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