Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Love Tootsie Rolls!

You know what, I can't recall if this is my first time to share my love for Tootsie Rolls or if I already made a post about it before. Anyway, it's been raining Tootsie Rolls here in our house. I've been a Tootsie Roll lover eversince. All the way from my childhood, I would ask my mom or grandmother for 2 Pesos for a stick of Tootsie Roll. As a kid, for a child who's always attracted with the dark brown packaging and for the ever curious little girl  wondering what's inside the dark brown foil, I would do anything just to have a taste. I remember visiting the store even without money just to take a glimpse of the jar of Tootsie Rolls. Of course as I grow up, I'm able to treat myself  not only with a stick, but packs of this sweet goodness.
I've enjoyed lots and lots of candies, but Tootsie Roll has always been my favorite. Every Tootsie Roll candy reminds me of my colorful childhood.
Here in the Philippines, they sell Tootsie Rolls in small tubes, sticks which are packed by 5, a jar and packs of small candies. I always go for a jar of bite size Tootsie Rolls, I am very fond of the Vanilla flavor too.
Today, my husband surprised me with 2 big packs of Tootsies. Both assorted and original flavor. The sweet gesture of my husband inspired me to share my love for Tootsie Rolls.
To my husband, thank you for filling up my jar of Tootsies again. I am very happy to share my every Tootsie Roll moment with my family.
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