Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Artist in Frankie

It was an ordinary evening. I was preparing the school materials for homework, so I told my son to give me 10 mins and handed him his drawing book. In a metter or 2 or 3 minutes, he handed me back his drawing book with this drawing and told me: "it's for our kitchen". Scribbling, drawing, doodling these things aren't new to him. Eversince, my husband and I saw that our son Frankie is going to be an artist, we just don't know in what manner or on what field he'll be good at. But as he grows older, things started to become clearer.
This particular drawing of his was the most beautiful I have ever seen. As a stay at home mom, I was able to witness Frankie's growth and development. As a toddler, we end up coloring in all directions. As a pre-schooler, it's much contollable and as a grade- schooler, it's practically putting ones imagination into picture. I for one, I never came out with a drawing this good. I mean, Frankie's just 7 years old, when I was his age, all I can draw were sticks and houses, that's why I am so proud of what Frankie can create with his own imagination.
Frankie is very particular with the shades to be used in every drawing and painting he makes. Sometimes, he'll ask for my opinion, he'll grab a little from the idea I shared with him, but later on, he'll be able to come up with something better and more attractive.
This particular drawing symbolizes 2 things:
1. His creativity and his love for arts reflecting.
2. His love for food. There's a big difference between having the passion for food and the love for eating.

My son Frankie is not a heavy eater, but he loves food. He likes to cook and help around the kitchen. He knows how to chop vegetables, and he can tell good food just by smelling it. He likes to set the table. By the way, the fruits you see in the fruit bowl he drew are his favorite fruits. The tea cup? he told me that it's hot chocolate.
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