Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fresh Herbs Straight from Our Backyard

As much as possible we like our ingredients fresh. One of the things my parents love are fresh herbs. During their free time, my mom and dad would drive all the way to Tagaytay to buy pots of fresh herbs and they grow it at their very own backyard. Father's Day for this year, I was asked by my mom if I can be the official cook for the ocassion. I'm very passionate about cooking, I never get tired of it. So my mom's request was something I looked forward to. When I arrived at my parents' house, this line of fresh herbs surprised me.
They just bought it from Tagaytay and my sisters labeled each pot to be transferred and planted in a particular area where they can grow and flourish. Some were placed inside the kitchen. Seeing the herbs and the thought that I'll be cooking with fresh ingredients made my day.
Swiss Mint which is perfect for teas.
Dill and Fennel which we often use for sauteed dishes
Italian Oregano for a delicious pasta dish
4 kinds of Basil: Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, Purple Basil and Sweet Basil
I find basil as the most flexible herb. It can practically be used in all dishes, even in selected Filipino viands. Father's Day, I prepared some vegetable pasta, and the herbs, especially the Basil blended well with my sauce.

*these set of fresh herbs were bought near UP Los Banos for php25 each.
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