Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back To Cooking Games

As some of you know that we just recently moved to a new place. As I take a break from packing and unpacking ourthings, I entertainmyself with games online. Cooking Games has always been one of my favorites. Well, anything thathas something to do with kitchen and cooking makes me happy. As a matter of fact, I can stay indoors even on weekends just playing online.
Sara's Lentil Soup

Play Sara's Lentil Soup

Sara Cooking Games is one of the fun games you'll find online. Right at the moment, I'm playing Sara's Lentil Soup. Just follow Sara's indications and mix all the ingredients to succeed. Not only you get to cook by playing, you can also have a copy of the recipe so you can try it for yourself at home.
Serving Games is a good way to conceptualized it. Ever dreamed of owning a food business? This is also a fun way to put up ideas together.
Delicious Bakery

Play Delicious Bakery
My family used to have a bakery business. I like playing Delicious Bakery because it makes me reminisce the good 'ol days and it also makes me want to continue what my parents left with our bakery business.

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