Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back To Cooking Games

As some of you know that we just recently moved to a new place. As I take a break from packing and unpacking ourthings, I entertainmyself with games online. Cooking Games has always been one of my favorites. Well, anything thathas something to do with kitchen and cooking makes me happy. As a matter of fact, I can stay indoors even on weekends just playing online.
Sara's Lentil Soup

Play Sara's Lentil Soup

Sara Cooking Games is one of the fun games you'll find online. Right at the moment, I'm playing Sara's Lentil Soup. Just follow Sara's indications and mix all the ingredients to succeed. Not only you get to cook by playing, you can also have a copy of the recipe so you can try it for yourself at home.
Serving Games is a good way to conceptualized it. Ever dreamed of owning a food business? This is also a fun way to put up ideas together.
Delicious Bakery

Play Delicious Bakery
My family used to have a bakery business. I like playing Delicious Bakery because it makes me reminisce the good 'ol days and it also makes me want to continue what my parents left with our bakery business.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Protecting Your Eyes in Style

How much of a sunglasses person are you? When it comes eye protection, my personal take on it is the importance of preserving ones vision at its normal state as much as possible. Why do you wear sunglasses? what's your main purpose? Is it just for fashion's sake? Just a little information, we can acquire both style and protection at the same time. It's always best to wear polarized sunglasses prescription or non-prescription. Even the coolest hipster sunglasses can provide great protection and comfort. The fact that the user knows that his or her eys are protected, the secure feeling coming from that idea is very rewarding.
A good selection of sunglasses and optical glasses are from Warby Parker. The Warby Parker collection is known for its vintage inspired eyewear crafted from the highest quality acetate frames and fit with anti-reflective prescription lenses - complete prescription eyeglasses. Warby Parker distributed over 100,000 pairs of glasses to people in need through its ‘Buy a Pair, Give a Pair’ program (the company donates a pair of glasses for every pair its customers purchase).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Power of A Smiley

One of the things I love on Facebook is being able to express myself freely with my close friends to share it with. Posting a shoutout on Facebook is another good form of outlet, especially with the use of facebook smileys. I would often attach emoticons in almost every blog entry I've made. With emoticons being seen, a simple post can easily be understood by readers. It eliminates the risk of sending a wrong message because of the mixture of words being used, which sometimes can't be avoided. The very purpose I see using emoticons is to be able to express oneself freely. It provides a smiley that stands for almost every emotion we go through. It feels good to be expressive. A simple smiling face can make the day of thousands of people the happiest and most memorable. Finding a Smiley is also like a chain reaction. You see it first thing, suddenly an individual's mood changes according to the smiling face he saw, next thing you know that person is spreading good vibes to the rest that surrounds him and so on with it.