Friday, June 15, 2012

What's Your Happy Lemon?

After months, I'm finally able to make a post on Happy Lemon. The line was always long in HappyLemon. There wasn't any room to get pictures of the whole place, especially the drinks that we love. Most of the time, we buy our refreshments from Happy Lemon Megamall. Last weekend, my husband and I decided to get some cold drinks as we sit and talk about hot penny stocks . When it comes to just having time for a good conversation, places like Happy Lemon makes it more enjoyable.
I'm happy because there were tables available. We found a spot near the counter. It was unusual to have seats for a weekend though.
I love Happy Lemon because of their one of a kind drinks. Honestly, it should be excluded with the rest of the milk tea shops that sprouted everywhere. Happy Lemon is beyond milk teas. One of our favorites is their Yakult Green Tea and Lemon Yakult (0% sugar). You don't actually need sugar to enjoy both drinks. These are well-balanced drinks, healthy because they're made from fresh ingredients. And we all know the health purpose of Yakult. So mix them all together, you'll be treated to one of the healthiest drink in the market.
To indulge a little, I always go for some Cocoa Milk Tea with Puff Cream. I never say no to anything creamy. This particular drink is so thick and rich in flavor. I can actually taste and sip real cocoa. I can drink two in one visit. Another is Milk Tea with OREO Cookies & Cream. It's more for the kids, my son loves it so much.

So there's my chioce of drinks from Happy Lemon. There's more to try. For a change, on my next visit, I will probably try drinks that are aloe and yogurt based, still with Green Tea Yakult ;)


peachkins said...

I should try that Cocoa Milk Tea with Puff Cream.. How are you, Enchie?

The Mommist said...

Love the yakult green tea as well! Great post! :)