Sunday, June 24, 2012

S&R Members Specials

You're always treated special in S&R, that's why I love to shop there. Here's another surprise from the store that offers world class service and products. The S&R Members Specials. The Members Specials will run from June 11- July10, 2012. It includes certain discounted products, buy1 take 1 items including fresh meats, big discount on men and women's clothing line. Discounts of freshly baked cakes and pastries such as: U.S Petite Brownie Bites, Lava Cakes and more.
You know what's so likable about S&R and us shopping there? Well, every time we're bound to do our regular grocery shopping, special offers like these graces us all the time. Aside from the regular things we get for the house, we end up having bonuses with the same budget we have.
One great find I had was this Better Homes handmade quilts. Finally, I'll get to own one... my mom would die for these handmade quilts. The last handmade quilt she had lasted for 2 decades. I will make a separate post about it.
Of course, a glimpse of our cart as we journey through more aisles of goodies. Fresh meat from Montana. An 8 bar- pack of Irish Spring, buy1 take 1 Colgate, some jelly filled with nata de coco. Canned goods, buy1 take 1 dish washing liquid. Selected wines & spirits are also on sale, Ritz Reversible Drying Mats and for every php1000 purchase of Hershey's products you get a free huggable Hershey's Teddy Bear or a cool Fondue Set. We're still months away from the real Members' Treat and we're already given tons of products to choose from.
After breezing through the whole warehouse, we're famished. I always order a big slice of their Combo Pizza (with everything on top), and a big bowl of my ultimate favorite...
S&R Chicken Caesar Salad

This week, I'm set to go back... I'm off to check if S&R still has the rose scented satin hangers. It's a wonderful material making our closets smell good and it keeps clothing made of delicate fabric in tip top shape.

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

I miss going to S&R! :( Craving for the pizza!