Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Cook Because It Lifts ME Up

It's very common for us to experience the downside, confusing, the heavy part in our lives. As a stay at home mom, the particular downfall in my life was becoming selfless. There was a time when I had too much of it, and it manifested by becoming unhealthy. It's different when you get married and there's just you and your husband. It's on a different level when we talk about building a good foundation for the family, nurturing each member and being able to maintain a positive atmosphere at home. 
For me, selflessness automatically came into my life. I was just too busy managing a home that it came to a point that I totally forgot about my health. Don't get me wrong being selfless isn't bad, it just so happen that I got overwhelmed by it. Whether we like it or not, our body will tell us "that hey, you've done so much, take a break!". That's when "Me Time" began for me. Spending time for oneself doesn't have to be expensive or grand and spent by yourself. My definition of "me time" is doing the things I love and having the things I love regardless of the over-all state of acquiring it.

My #1 uplifting solution is my kitchen. Even before I started with my online journal, the kitchen is considered as a place of zen. You will definitely find me in my kitchen whipping up something for the family.

Cooking makes me whole as a person.
I've recently came across a good article. It was entitled" The How of Happiness". One particular line caught my eye. "Be Happy Without Being Perfect".

 Cooking makes me happy and it doesn't have to be perfect.

Let's think out of the box and try to see and absorb what's on the other 3 sides and corners of the square. A neuro linguistic programming is also a way in order to bring our personal development as priority. It's a start for those who is suffering with very low self-esteem. Basically, all we need to do is to stay away from the complicated definition of happiness. Most of the time, we associate happiness with material things. But sometimes the simplest form that can give us happiness is just right in font of us waiting.

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Sanna said...

I think cooking helps many people to calm down and also to show others your kindness. Who doesn't love to cook for others and receive a great feedback?