Thursday, May 3, 2012

Travel Diary Gogobot

One of my goals each year is to be able to travel. Destination? anywhere outside the city where I live at. But traveling out of the country is more adventurous because of the fact that new things such as culture, food and lifestyle is being discovered. Local or foreign, travel will always mean exploration and sharing these new finds with friends and relatives. One of the easiest way it through gogobot

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Gogobot is the perfect venue for travel enthusiasts. You can instantly access places and meet friends who are very fond of traveling. Share your photos and get tips from fellow Gogobot user. It is also a good source to find travel essentials such as accommodations like some hotels in boston . Food and other tips that will make one's travel experience easy and fun. It sure is a new way to make food discoveries too. As I was browsing, some entries are reviews of various restaurants from other countries. One of the nice thing about Gogobot? You can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can share your travel moments in an instant.

It's free, just sign up with an email address.
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