Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reliving My Life

Have you ever thought of planning about your passing? Hey, it's one of the things that we need to face. It's one reality in life we need to accept. Everyone will have their time. To be honest, I did had a moment when I planned on my own funeral. From the availability of casket prices, everything that will make up one's death. 

Now, let's find the lighter side of this post. I for one, will come to the point when I have to leave the world, and when that comes, I do want a memorable and unforgettable memorial. 

I want to have flowers everywhere. I want my loved ones to wear pastel color of different shades, my favorite songs playing in the background. I want guests to be served with gourmet food. I want my memorial to actually re-live the life I lived. But that's not going to happen now, in God's time.
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