Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012 Food Blast!

My original plan was to treat my family in one of my favorite restaurants and after, maybe a stroll in a mall or in a park. I started my day early. Woke up around 6am and decided to have a breakfast celebration in Banapple. 

Banapple Katipunan has always been my favorite. But this time, I wanted to go to a different Banapple location.
BREAKFAST: Banapple Connecticut Greenhills
Salpicao Rafael
Garlic Beef Tapa with Creamed Parsley Egg
Awesome Blueberry Pancakes
As we were about to start with our delicious meal, the nice people of Banapple approached me and handed me their Mother's Day treat. A goodie bag from Good Housekeeping and a box of Nestle Fresh Milk. There was also a short photo op as they handed me their Mother's Day gifts.
The content of the bag was composed of Surf Products, Domex, Maggie, Nestea Iced Tea and a Good Housekeeping Magazine. These products were really meant for us Stay at Home Moms.
My Mother's Day plan for a breakfast celebration was too amazing. Breakfast in my favorite restaurant on a very special day with the people I love... Thank you Lord for this gift and Thank You Banapple for being part of it too.

LUNCH: Pinoy Toppings SM Megamall

After breakfast, we decided to roam around Greenhills then we drove to SM Megamall for some errands. When we got there, it was almost lunch time. But prior to this story I'm about to share, the day before, I had an interesting talk with my siblings. Part of our conversation went around our childhood and teenage years. One of the things that we will never forget is Pinoy Toppings.

To continue... so we're already in Megamall around 11:30am. Then my husband gave me an idea what to have for lunch. Pinoy Toppings!
We went to the Sm Foodcourt hoping to find the very same, old Pinoy Toppings I loved for years. I ordered my usual Arroz ala Cubana. Being able to experience Pinoy Toppings once again brought out the kid in me.

DINNER: CITYBUFFET Restaurant Robinsons Galleria 

My mind was set to cook dinner for the family when we get home from Megamall.  Dinner was a surprise from my husband. He knows how much I wanted to try the newly opened CITYBUFFET Restaurant.
The whole set- up of CITYBUFFET was enticing, it made me feel like I'm in a 5 star hotel. Only better, because you get 5 Star service, cuisine and dining experience for a reasonable price of php600 per head. Drinks are bottomless for php60.
Citybuffet offers a mixture of cuisines. Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean etc... We also requested for some Wagyu Steak which was cooked upon our request. Freshly done, it was very good, juicy and tender. Everything was delicious.

Mother's Day 2012 was uniquely layed out for me. It was one of my best Mother's Day experiences. I didn't get any flowers but enjoyed the whole occasion with my favorite food and of course with my family to share it with.
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