Thursday, May 24, 2012

Me Time: Sisterly Bonding With Our Favorite Food

Me Time doesn't always have to be spent alone. For me, as long as I'm occupied with the things I love , anything that I love to do, and I love to see, me time will always be me time even if I spend it with someone else. Over last weekend, a supposedly "family getaway" to Subic became a father and son bonding time for my boys. I just thought that I needed a break and spend my Sunday in the house. It was actually the first time that I chose not to go out of town. Anyway, my husband and my son Franky deserves that bonding time. Since I was home alone with the baby,  I asked my younger sister Les to accompany me while the rest of the family was away. It was a peaceful morning, relaxing... I've let go of my chores for the day, I stayed in the room with the aircon running and my iPad for some entertainment.
But other than that, food will always be there. After my boys left for Subic, I went back to bed and woke up around 12nn. Instead of cooking, I decided to get some goodies from Banapple to-go and share it with my sister. I must admit, I was feeling kinda lazy that day, it was perfect to get a hold of my favorite food.
Penne Bolognese, Banapple House Salad, Creamy Chicken Pie that came with Banapple's Potato Salad.
This is not our first time to bond. We do it all the time and with our other sister Ella. We love to eat and share a good conversation. Sometimes, we watch our favorite series or movie while we stuff ourselves with our favorite food. One thing we haven't done though... we haven't taken any pictures of this sisterly bonding I'm talking about. This is our first shot throughout the years of chatting and spending time together and this blog entry is the first to document this fun activity I share with my girls.
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