Friday, April 20, 2012

Send A GIftRocket

One of the easiest yet special way to make a loved one happy and special on occasions such as birthdays is through a gift card. But what if the celebrant is far away?

What can cooler than giftrocket gift cards? GiftRocket is the thought of a gift card without the restriction. There's no card to carry around, and ultimately they decide what to spend it on. The recipient can choose bank transfer, check in the mail, or PayPal.

Here's how it works:

Step1: Buy your friend a gift by choosing any business. For example, gift card from a restaurant, boutique or the department store. Deliver the gift to their email or Facebook wall, or as a printable card.

Step2: They Redeem Instantly. Your friend can choose a bank transfer, PayPal payment, or check in the mail.

Step3: Your friend can now enjoy his gift. They use the money to buy something nice or have a fun night out, thanks to you! 

If someone will give me giftrocket gift cards, I'll probably use it to buy new pots and pans for my kitchen. GiftRocket gift cards are available for all occasions, or maybe even if there's no celebration at all. Sometimes, I just give somebody a gift, knowing that the person truly deserves it whether there's an occasion or none. Why not avail a GiftRocket gift card for a friend, surprise him or her.

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